Dear students,

I am Mr Pang Peng Cheong, an ex-lecturer from Hwa Chong Institution (College Section).

I have taught Chemistry in Hwa Chong for 11 years and have consistently helped many students to achieve excellent grades in Chemistry. 

I have been the Coordinator for the Chemistry Unit and a Faculty Director in the college. I also served as a coach on the Singapore team for the 2000 International Olympiad (Chemistry) in Copenhagen.

I recently co-wrote a book: "Organic & Inorganic Chemistry - A Comprehensive Summary" in 2009. This book has sold more than 50000 copies thus far. This book is currently enjoying brisk sales in the bookshops of all the Junior Colleges in Singapore.  I have recently (Aug 2017) published another book: "Physical Chemistry -  A Comprehensive Guide to the A-Levels" and the book sold about 6000 copies since.

I currently provide A-Levels H2 Chemistry tuition to help students excel in this subject.  During a typical lesson, I will first go through the important concepts of the topics, followed by equipping students with problem-solving skills to tackle both typical past-year and novel higher-level thinking questions. Comprehensive notes and Cambridge examiners' comments will be provided too. 

My ex-students have commented on my lessons. Do read the testimonials to find out more from those who have benefited from my lessons.  I am also pleased to mention that  and average of 65% of my students achieved an A grade and 92% of them achieved either an A or B grade for the past two years. 

A-Level Results
2018 70% A; 88 % A + B
2019 68% A; 93% A + B
2020 72% A; 90% A + B

I look forward to helping you maximize your potential in Chemistry.

Mr Pang